Difference between FUE and FUT Transplant

Fact lies that when a person wants to benefit from hair transplant techniques they tend to get confused between the two. So what is the difference between both, after all both help in gaining hair back. One difference that is relevant is one form extracts while the other transplants. FUE is  extraction the follicular  unit and then harvesting it to the required area, while the latter FUT is taking the tissue strip and breaking it into small sections so they can be transplanted on the area. Other differences between FUE and FUT are:

  • FUE is preferred by the young as it gives freedom in maintaining hair styles with short hair.
  • FUE has much less scaring issue as the utensil used for extracting leaves barely visible holes.
  • FUE is relatively a new technique that dates back some 10 years.
  • The FUE process is long, at times can run for days.
  • After extraction comes the harvesting process which will lead to the waiting of new hair growth.
  • Patients feel less pain during an FUE procedure.

With FUT Hair Transplant:

  • FUT is a traditional method.
  • FUT process is bit more permanent compared to FUE.
  • With FUT the hair length is a bit long
  • FUT does have a scarring issue as the wound is requires to be sealed by using sutures or staples.
  • After an FUT , the treated area will require some time to heal.
  • If rich donor area is available, in one sitting alone 2,500-3,000 grafts can be extracted in one strip procedure.