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Celebrity Hair Transplant

celebrity hair transplant

As we all known that celebrities have to maintain their looks and style to work on the silver screen and increase their fan following. It doesn’t matter you’re a sports person and film actress or actress. To good looks, they spend a large amount of the money to keep their body in shape. But all of these some celebrities starting the hair fall because of the poor diet, workload, and many other factors. To get rid from it, they go for the hair transplant surgery because they knew that hair transplant is the best technique to cover the baldness and stop the hair fall. Many celebrities already get the hair transplant surgery to maintain their looks like John Thompson, Matt Cardle, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Sylvester Stallone, Shane Warne, Salman Khan and many others.

Our Two new Testimonial Videos

Check out the live video of hair transplant at our Centre. We are the best place in Australia to get the painless and stitches less hair transplant surgery at nominal prices. Watch two videos here:

Our patient from Adelaide has made a visit our centre for the hair transplant surgery. Watch this video to check his reviews.

Check out the video to know the feedback views from one of our patient who has visited our centre from Perth for the treatment.

Hair Transplant – Complete Solution For Restoring Self Esteem Stunning Look

There is hardly anyone who is not concerned about his hair. Everyone wants to flaunt with this valuable asset. Hair loss reduces the value of this asset and dents the self esteem of person so person gets worried to restore his appealing look.

With the advancements in medical science, various methods have been introduced as the solution to baldness problem. One of these methods is surgical method for restoring hair which is getting popular among the people.

Hair transplant in Sydney is getting common due to its after results which are permanent, safe and natural. This surgical and non invasive method of hair restoration is based on the principle that hair follicles and grow and stay longer even after their shifting from one part of scalp to the other.

Patients own hair follicles are used to cover his badness. Prior to the surgery local anesthesia has been applied to cause complete numbness to the scalp so that patients can get painless treatment without any discomfort.

On the basis of loss resistant properties hair follicles are extracted from the donor part also called permanent zone of scalp according to the extent of baldness. Count of extracted follicles is different for different patients depending on severity of problem, expectations of patients, density of existing hair.

Carefully hair follicles are transplanted in the bald or thinning portion after considering the direction, angle, depth and density of existing hair so that follicles can look natural after their growth.

The entire procedure is risk free, painless and without stitches and even the transplanted follicles retains their properties so stay and grow for lifetime. Even due to advanced tools and pioneered technologies it is possible for the surgeons to apply their artistic skills to extract the follicles without damaging the tissue and scalp so that pati8ent can get scar free surgery.

Surgery is quite simple that after one day patient may get back to his work without any difficulty. All above facts have made this treatment significantly effective and result oriented treatment for hair loss.