Is your Scalp Condition the only cause of Hair Loss?


Typically hair loss is caused by male or female pattern baldness, due to which both suffers from hair loss. Hair loss that that is caused by the infection of scalp gets resolved when the main causes behind that infection are addressed.

There are a number of infections that cause the hair loss problem:

  • Folliculitis

This infection is also sometimes known as tub rash or barber’s itch. It is an inflammation of the hair follicles. Symptoms can be seen as rashes, pimples, and pustules that will be located around the hair follicles and causes itchy skin. Then the affected hair follicles fall down and hence cause bald patches. Folliculitis can have the effect on any part of your body but not on the palms of the hand and soles of the feet.

  • Ringworm

No doubt, fungal infection can develop on any part but when it is there on the scalp then it is known as tinea capitis. Also, various fungi cause ringworms on the scalp and are easily transferred from person to person and also from pet to person with skin contact. Symptoms of ringworms can be seen in hair loss or even a patch on the scalp without any hair.

  • Piedra

This type of infection causes the development of the fungal hyphae and fruiting bodies on the scalp around the hair fibers. Then these become like hard stones and needs lot of efforts to discourage the fungi from the hair. With time the fungus weakens the root of hair follicles and hence as a result hair falls and causes the patches on the scalp.

  • Teeth Infections

According to studies, there is a connection between alopecia and untreated dental infections. The patches that are the result of the infected teeth appear on the line or above the projected line. But these patches can also appear on beard and eyebrows.

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis

This infection is the very inflammatory skin condition that leads to the inflamed skin, itchy scalp and very painful to touch.  This infection also leads to the oily skin and hence irritation in the scalp causes hair loss.

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Impact of Diet on Hair Loss


Whatever we use to eat, it has a major role in our body functions. The consumption of any food for many times can have the bad impact on us. Studies have shown that the lack of some foods or vitamins or the overabundance of the certain food can lead to hair loss problem.

  • The consumption of high-fat meals and meat meals can lead to the increase in sex hormones and hence can have the effect on scalp hair and hair on heads. Like DHT (5α-Dihydrotestosterone) is a sex hormone, plays a major role in hair loss. Male pattern hair loss can also be caused by sensitivity caused by DHT to the hair follicle. This can lead to the abnormal production of hair.
  • Also consuming high sugar can cause the release of insulin and testosterone from protein binding, leading to the major hormones conversion to DHT.
  • As you are very much clear about it that there are two types of vitamins one is fat soluble and other are water soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E and K. This helps to provide the shine and bounce and luster to hair. Those who are on fat dieting can suffer from hair loss problem.
  • Fast foods, Chinese food, preservatives, additives and artificial flavors in processed foods and packed juices are devoid of valuable nutrients.
  • Also, regular consumption of alcohol reduces the absorption of iron, folic acid, zinc and nutrients in the stomach causes the deficiency of nutrients which again leads to hair loss problem.
  • Low water intake, working late night under pressure, night shifts, stress, and depression can lead to hair loss problem.
  • Smoking also has the great impact on your scalp hair.

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