A good direction for one opting for a hair transplant

htr.jpgHair transplant procedures can stop hair loss and help a patient cover all his head with hair. As you are interested in having a hair transplant and you are certainly a candidate for it, let’s look at the guidelines that will help you go through the whole process. With the advanced techniques being used in the hair transplant sector, better results are expected. The experts and doctors have the sophisticated ideas and ways of treating all types and kinds of hair loss and baldness.

There are mainly two techniques used in hair transplant and they are;

Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT is a technique suitable for all patients. It uses a strip of hair from the donor site and implants the hair in the bald part of the scalp. The scar created can be reduced by many ways after the surgery, but an experienced surgeon in the field of surgeries will help you stitch the wound without creating a bigger visible scar

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE involves no strips and the after surgery treatment and care is not complicated at all. During the surgery, the surgeon removes hair grafts from the donor site and implants them in the affected area of the scalp. Hair transplant in Perth is conducted by trained and qualified surgeons and under local anesthesia. The procedure is completely pain-free and postoperative care and treatments are not compromised.

  • A patient will get back his or her hair with a good density
  • There are no complications after the surgery
  • The procedures are cost effective and with more benefits than other treatments
  • Natural looking results are expected in every hair transplant procedure




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