Hair Transplant and it’s Overview


Hair transplants are surgical procedures performed by highly trained surgeons and assistants in a specialized room. Sterilized instruments are used and there are different instruments used depending on the type of the procedure being performed. They include; Micro punches of different diameters and blades.

What are the alternatives before hair transplant?

In case you are to restore your hair surgically, there are only two techniques that you will have to select from during the consultation. Follicular Unit Extraction is the latest procedure performed where hair follicles are directly extracted from the from the donor area which may be on the sides of the scalp or on any other body part.

The second option is Follicular Unit Transplantation, where follicular units of hair are extracted in the form of the strip, dissected and then implanted individually in the recipient region.

Requirements of Hair Transplants

You are the donor

The patient must have a stable supply of hair on the scalp before the procedure kicks off. There are no harvesting hair follicles from one another person.

Prominent Hair transplant clinic

It is for the best that a patient finds a recognized hair clinic before a hair transplant in Melbourne. Hair transplant surgeries have to be performed by highly trained surgeons in order to achieve the best natural results.

Artistry and aesthetic skills of the surgeon

Today, hair transplants aren’t mere procedures for extracting and implanting hair in the bald region. The procedures require ideal artistry to design the scalp in the best way possible so that a patient is left totally transformed.