5 Simple Ways to Make Water Tastier for More Intakes

Water is considered to key for the controlling the body weight and to stay healthy so it is quite advisable to drink more water. Some time people do not like to drink plain water so here are some ways to add taste to your plain water to remain healthy by having more intake of water.

Adding fruits

This is the easiest and healthy way to add value to the water and to increase the intake of water as some citrus fruits like lemon and oranges can be added to the water to enhance its taste to which anyone will like to drink even the fruits like watermelon and strawberry can add to its taste and can make it more healthy for you.


You may fill the requirement of water for the body by taking juices as the fruits are great source of vitamins, water and roughage so the juices of these fruits can increase the intake of water. Juices of the pomegranate, orange, pine apple, apple and grapes can be taken to level up the level up the water amount in body especially in the summers. However the juices should be made in the natural way without adding sugar that can add advantage to your body as these juices contains the vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial in the summer season.

Making it bubbly

It becomes boring and difficult to drink plain water all the time so the carbonated water and mineral water can be bubbly in looks that allure us to drink it and even this water contains the essential vitamins for the body. Even by adding flavor to the carbonated water intake can be increased.

Flavored ice cubes

Ice decoration can also make water more tasty as in the summers we like to intake chilled water by adding ice cubes so this summer you may add flavor to your ice cubes by adding juice of your favorite fruit into the ice tray instead of the plain water. These colorful and flavored cubes not only give attractive look to your plain water but also add taste into it that will insist you to drink it.

By taking tea

Tea is the common fluid that we like to take on daily basis. There are many flavored teas but white tea, green tea and herbal tea even including lemon tea can be beneficial for you so you can replace your plain water with these flavored tea to level up water in your body.