Hair Transplant and it’s Overview


Hair transplants are surgical procedures performed by highly trained surgeons and assistants in a specialized room. Sterilized instruments are used and there are different instruments used depending on the type of the procedure being performed. They include; Micro punches of different diameters and blades.

What are the alternatives before hair transplant?

In case you are to restore your hair surgically, there are only two techniques that you will have to select from during the consultation. Follicular Unit Extraction is the latest procedure performed where hair follicles are directly extracted from the from the donor area which may be on the sides of the scalp or on any other body part.

The second option is Follicular Unit Transplantation, where follicular units of hair are extracted in the form of the strip, dissected and then implanted individually in the recipient region.

Requirements of Hair Transplants

You are the donor

The patient must have a stable supply of hair on the scalp before the procedure kicks off. There are no harvesting hair follicles from one another person.

Prominent Hair transplant clinic

It is for the best that a patient finds a recognized hair clinic before a hair transplant in Melbourne. Hair transplant surgeries have to be performed by highly trained surgeons in order to achieve the best natural results.

Artistry and aesthetic skills of the surgeon

Today, hair transplants aren’t mere procedures for extracting and implanting hair in the bald region. The procedures require ideal artistry to design the scalp in the best way possible so that a patient is left totally transformed.


Hair transplant – Best solution to baldness


Everyone wants to achieve attractive personality and in enhancing the personality of an individual, hair plays a very vital role. But the bitter truth is that, not only men or women, but children are also losing their hair. But with the advanced technology, it is no longer a big deal to get rid of these problems.

Hair transplant in Australia is the best and safe surgery used to recover from hair loss or baldness. Due to wide advantages of this surgery, a lot of people are going for this surgery. Hair transplant surgery is not only considered by hair loss survivors, but also by those who want to achieve attractive look.

Hair transplant is a technique of transforming healthy hair follicles from the donor site to the thinning or bald area. Hair follicles are extracted and are planted either individually or in a group of 4 to 6 hair follicles. The transplanted hair grows naturally and gives you the natural looking hair back.

Due to the best results of this surgery, it is regarded as the most efficient technique of restoring the lost hair. Hair loss survivors, who have taken this surgery, pronounce this surgery as the best solution to their baldness.

Various techniques are used in hair transplant surgery, but the most conventional used surgery is FUE Hair Transplant. It is a surgical procedure which involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor site and then the extracted hair follicle is planted individually on the recipient site. A well experienced surgeon is required for this surgery. After FUE hair transplant surgery, you will get the best results.

Now hair loss survivors have a great option of hair transplant surgery to restore their lost hair. Get this surgery and get your hair back.

A good direction for one opting for a hair transplant

htr.jpgHair transplant procedures can stop hair loss and help a patient cover all his head with hair. As you are interested in having a hair transplant and you are certainly a candidate for it, let’s look at the guidelines that will help you go through the whole process. With the advanced techniques being used in the hair transplant sector, better results are expected. The experts and doctors have the sophisticated ideas and ways of treating all types and kinds of hair loss and baldness.

There are mainly two techniques used in hair transplant and they are;

Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT is a technique suitable for all patients. It uses a strip of hair from the donor site and implants the hair in the bald part of the scalp. The scar created can be reduced by many ways after the surgery, but an experienced surgeon in the field of surgeries will help you stitch the wound without creating a bigger visible scar

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE involves no strips and the after surgery treatment and care is not complicated at all. During the surgery, the surgeon removes hair grafts from the donor site and implants them in the affected area of the scalp. Hair transplant in Perth is conducted by trained and qualified surgeons and under local anesthesia. The procedure is completely pain-free and postoperative care and treatments are not compromised.

  • A patient will get back his or her hair with a good density
  • There are no complications after the surgery
  • The procedures are cost effective and with more benefits than other treatments
  • Natural looking results are expected in every hair transplant procedure



Are you heading for a Hair Transplant Surgery? First, know this


Having beautiful hair makes one special and beautiful, and so, that is why no one settles for less when there are serious problems with their hair. These include hair loss, baldness, and poor quality hair. As the threat of baldness and serious hair loss is being fought, may have resorted to the best and permanent way of eradicating the issue and that is having a hair transplant.

Hair Transplants have saved many from continuous hair loss, but before you actually sit down for a surgery, you better know this

  1. Hair transplants are for the right candidates

You can never be a right candidate if you are in your teens or early twenties. This is the period where you must find the actual cause of your hair fall and then use other non-surgical treatments. If you go for a surgery at this time, you may have multiple of them in the future

  1. Don’t over raise your hopes regarding the results

Some people think that regardless of their hair quality they will have the best quality hair after the surgery. Improving the quality requires treatments too, but the hair after the surgery looks like your normal hair

  1. How well do you know the surgeon?

The skills of the surgeon determine how you will look after the surgery and whether you will need a re-surgery in the future. So, highly consider this

  1. Hair Transplants are a permanent solution

After all, other treatments and therapies have failed, hair transplants can help you a lot recover your hair and beauty hence looking younger at the end

With all the above, you can have a perfect Hair Transplant in Melbourne under the guidance and help of the experts who will also provide the best postoperative care and treatment

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss in Women


The hair loss problem in women is more psychologically stressful than a hair loss in men. According to the scientific studies, the women are more likely to have psychological pains because of hair loss problems and also the psychological effects are likely to be more severe in the case of women as compared to men.

Women are used to investing more in their appearance as compared to men and also used to react more negatively to the cases like hair loss that this will make their appearance worse.

The women are also highly sensitive in their social contacts and their hair act as a crowning glory.  When she feels that her crowning glory is getting out of distraction then she is likely to lose her self-esteem.

The hair loss is women are always less supported than the men. The hair loss problem is not regarded as normal just like in men. Also, the pattern of hair loss in women is not recognized as much easily as in men. The psychological effect of hair loss in women is not appreciated may because of lack of public awareness in her. But still, she could have the surgical options like hair transplant in India to get rid of female pattern baldness.

The common causes of the female hair loss are:

  • Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Telogen Effluvium
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Loose Anagen Syndrome
  • Pregnancy
  • Traction Alopecia
  • Chemical Processing
  • Compulsive Hair Plucking

Is your Scalp Condition the only cause of Hair Loss?


Typically hair loss is caused by male or female pattern baldness, due to which both suffers from hair loss. Hair loss that that is caused by the infection of scalp gets resolved when the main causes behind that infection are addressed.

There are a number of infections that cause the hair loss problem:

  • Folliculitis

This infection is also sometimes known as tub rash or barber’s itch. It is an inflammation of the hair follicles. Symptoms can be seen as rashes, pimples, and pustules that will be located around the hair follicles and causes itchy skin. Then the affected hair follicles fall down and hence cause bald patches. Folliculitis can have the effect on any part of your body but not on the palms of the hand and soles of the feet.

  • Ringworm

No doubt, fungal infection can develop on any part but when it is there on the scalp then it is known as tinea capitis. Also, various fungi cause ringworms on the scalp and are easily transferred from person to person and also from pet to person with skin contact. Symptoms of ringworms can be seen in hair loss or even a patch on the scalp without any hair.

  • Piedra

This type of infection causes the development of the fungal hyphae and fruiting bodies on the scalp around the hair fibers. Then these become like hard stones and needs lot of efforts to discourage the fungi from the hair. With time the fungus weakens the root of hair follicles and hence as a result hair falls and causes the patches on the scalp.

  • Teeth Infections

According to studies, there is a connection between alopecia and untreated dental infections. The patches that are the result of the infected teeth appear on the line or above the projected line. But these patches can also appear on beard and eyebrows.

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis

This infection is the very inflammatory skin condition that leads to the inflamed skin, itchy scalp and very painful to touch.  This infection also leads to the oily skin and hence irritation in the scalp causes hair loss.

Further, if your baldness problem is permanent then you can have the hair transplant in Melbourne to avoid the infection of the skin.

Impact of Diet on Hair Loss


Whatever we use to eat, it has a major role in our body functions. The consumption of any food for many times can have the bad impact on us. Studies have shown that the lack of some foods or vitamins or the overabundance of the certain food can lead to hair loss problem.

  • The consumption of high-fat meals and meat meals can lead to the increase in sex hormones and hence can have the effect on scalp hair and hair on heads. Like DHT (5α-Dihydrotestosterone) is a sex hormone, plays a major role in hair loss. Male pattern hair loss can also be caused by sensitivity caused by DHT to the hair follicle. This can lead to the abnormal production of hair.
  • Also consuming high sugar can cause the release of insulin and testosterone from protein binding, leading to the major hormones conversion to DHT.
  • As you are very much clear about it that there are two types of vitamins one is fat soluble and other are water soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E and K. This helps to provide the shine and bounce and luster to hair. Those who are on fat dieting can suffer from hair loss problem.
  • Fast foods, Chinese food, preservatives, additives and artificial flavors in processed foods and packed juices are devoid of valuable nutrients.
  • Also, regular consumption of alcohol reduces the absorption of iron, folic acid, zinc and nutrients in the stomach causes the deficiency of nutrients which again leads to hair loss problem.
  • Low water intake, working late night under pressure, night shifts, stress, and depression can lead to hair loss problem.
  • Smoking also has the great impact on your scalp hair.

But if you want the permanent solution to your hair loss problem then you can find Best hair transplant in Australia. However, you can also get proper diet list for your hair problem.


Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cannot be cheap affair for the candidates as it can burden your wallet.

Hair transplant in men being the time consuming and required expertise so there can be justified charges to pay for the treatment.

Candidate must be prepared to pay the reasonable charges for this permanent solution for baldness. Few patients seek for only cheap hair transplants but do not bother for the quality then it can be wastage of their money even if they have paid less as for successful surgery standardized quality must be the first priority.

Patients must be willing to pay the sufficient amount compared with the quality so that pocket friendly and best treatment can be received. Cognitive choice for the hair transplant center can make even single penny of your hair transplant worth.

People can get the affordable surgery of hair transplant in Australia. The hair transplant cost in Australia is too low and also they provide the perfect surgery with 100% successful and permanent results without any scars or other side effects.